AMAELLA will recycle your old lingerie!

Did you know that less than 1% of clothing is actually recycled? Particularly underwear and lingerie is not easy to dispose. As part of our circular fashion personality we have designed a lingerie recycling program to do our bit and prevent anymore lingerie going into landfill.



Send us an email to hello[at] indicating your interest about our recycling program, your contact details and address. You can choose two options:

1/ Schedule a collection at your house

Please be aware that we cannot give specific hour slots since it will depend on the availability of the given courier service. 

2/ Receive a pre-paid postal label 

Please be aware that you will need to print out the label and take the parcel to the post office within a time frame indicated on the label.




What items can we accept?

Any type of underwear or lingerie such as knickers, thongs, bras, and bralettes. We would prefer if you find a way to recycle pyjamas and other large items. In the event that you have no other solution to recycle pyjamas and loungewear, we could also accept it.

Please avoid including soiled items. Please do not include any other type of item rather than the ones specified above.


What happens to my lingerie during the recycling process?

Once we have received your parcel, we will let you know. Then, we will sanitise your items. Once sanitised, we will sort the lingerie to be recycled. The parts that might be still usable for internal samples such as  hooks and eyes or straps will be taken out. The rest of the parts that cannot be reused as trims will be used for cushions and bean bag fillers.

If you have any questions, please email us at hello[at]


Is there a weight or number of items limit?

Yes, we can only accept parcel of less than 2KG weight. Do not worry, it should give you plenty of room to put you underwear in there to be recycled.

We generally use Royal Mail small parcel service with a weight limit of 2KG and maximum dimensions of length 45cm x width 35cm x depth 16cm. 

Please do not exceed the weight and dimensions. If you do your parcel might not be accepted at the post office or courier service. 


How many times can I send my lingerie?

In order to give a chance to as many people as possible to recycle their lingerie, we have a limit of 2 deliveries per year per person. This limit could be revised is the program scales up and our operations expand.


I live outside the UK, can I also send my lingerie to be recycled?

Unfortunately not. At the moment we are only able to recycle lingerie in the UK. Please do let us know if you live outside the UK and are interested in the recycling program. Send us an email to hello[at] and tell us where you live. We will record interest in international regions and keep in touch with you if we roll out the program outside the UK.