AmaElla was founded with a vision of creating a fashion company with ethical and sustainable values at its core. 

“Studying in Cambridge really awakened my entrepreneurial appetite. Before going to Cambridge, I had taken a sabbatical to volunteer for marine conservation in Madagascar – which had made me realise the importance and impact of water pollution, for which textiles have a big responsibility. Visiting cotton plantations I had the chance to experience first hand the damaging effects of traditional cotton farming. All that made the idea of organic cotton lingerie bubble up in my mind.

“It seemed the perfect time and place to start something that would reflect my ideas of what an ethical venture would look like. Then, Amaella was born, a brand new organic cotton and ethical lingerie brand. We are now proud to be running a social enterprise with the mission of encouraging ethical practices in the fashion industry by making our clothes using sustainable and ethical sources.”

Lara Miller