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The Mental Health Bonus of Buying Ethical and Sustainable Products

The choices that we make every day help to define and shape our lives. With each healthy option that we explore, we create a framework that expresses our values and goals.

One of the ways that we showcase and live our values is through our everyday decisions. For example, we can manifest and demonstrate our principles by

  • Purchasing and showcasing goods that align with our values.
  • Creating an intentional lifestyle.
  • Highlighting our personal principles.
  • Protecting the planet.
  • Aiding working communities.


What Does It Mean to Live Your Values?

One of the satisfying ways to take agency is by carefully selecting actions and choices that make a difference and help us live our values. Whether you volunteer, vote, or choose consumer goods made with your eco-friendly values in mind, everything you do should help advance your goals for the world.

As the adage goes, “The personal is political.” This activist rallying cry embodies the idea that the choices we make in our everyday lives, from buying ethical and sustainable products to eating organic to supporting fair trade and other decisions, are private but also collectively create our culture.


How Do Healthy Choices Express Who We Are?

What is a beach but a collection of grains of sand? Create the life that you envision by implementing healthy choices, which can accumulate to become good habits that form and inform every aspect of your life. Together, we are the change that we seek.

Whether it is overcoming addiction, exploring exercise and diet options, seeking professional help in working towards optimum emotional and mental health, or carefully curating a wardrobe that expresses and supports your lifestyle, the decisions you make are vital to well-being.

Or, to put it another way: your wardrobe isn't just something you wear on the outside. It defines who you are inside.


What Does Sustainable and Ethical Buying Say About You?

Invite a dialogue about the things that matter most to you, including health, wellness, and concern for the environment by living a lifestyle based on certain values.

We can make vital statements without saying a word. Whether it’s through using sustainable and ethical products, eating organic and local, or working toward attaining maximum health and well-being, you demonstrate to others that you are putting your principles into practice, and that's always a beautiful look.


The Material World

A brand that supports sustainable and ethical products is showing its commitment to people and the environment. That kind of care will be manifested in the items it provides, and it shows in the layers you place against the skin that you're in.


Agency and Control

A lot can seem out of control in our lives, from politics to work to interpersonal interactions. That's all the more reason we should take control of those things that we can control.

When we practice agency in those areas that we firmly believe matter, we gain strength and confidence. There is satisfaction in taking action, and this enhances mental and emotional well-being.



Human beings thrive when they’re in groups. It's the legacy of our earliest times and our ancestors who needed the tribe to survive.

When you act on your principles, use sustainable and ethical goods, engage in activism, or support a cause in which you passionately believe, you become part of a larger group that shares your values, creating a community of like-minded individuals and becoming a powerful force for change.

This can help you to enact further changes. Your actions, thoughts, deeds, and work all help support others in your group.


Goodness That You Can Feel

Making the best choices and implementing actions in line with your values feels good.

From healthy diet and exercise, taking control of health issues including physical and mental health, overcoming addictive behaviors, or purchasing ethical and sustainable products, doing the right thing feels right, which can help support good choices and practices.


Ethical and Sustainable Products, Self-Esteem, and Mental Health

Does feeling good make you live your values, or the other way around? It's the chicken and the egg paradox. Which comes first, expressing your concern for the planet and brands that care about nurturing their communities, or your health or well-being because you feel strong, healthy, and believe in yourself and the effect of your actions?

Create and enjoy a lifestyle that helps you thrive while you share and contribute, and you might feel amazing! As Ralph Waldo Emerson noted, “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.”


Focusing on the Positive Impact

When you live your best life, these decisions can lead to a vibrant sense of well-being, and you gain energy and stamina that helps you give back more to your community.

People, especially women, often hesitate to take the time, energy, and money to care for themselves because they fear being selfish. But far from being self-indulgent, self-care, respect, and nurturing provide the power to support yourself and others.

Michelle Obama shared excellent advice: “Don't make decisions based on fear. Instead, make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn't.”


Clarity and Commitment

Taking the time and focusing on enjoying a long meditation session, eating a healthy meal, pampering yourself with beautiful textiles, clothing, and lovely lingerie that are sustainable and ethical products are not an indulgence but a beautiful manifestation of self-respect and care.

These actions demonstrate that consideration of self, others, and the planet are all intertwined. We are connected, and these details are the structure, things that help to create the whole.

Our actions are the expression of our agency, desires, concerns, and values. Positive actions that support mental health include steps such as mindfully embracing positive consumer choices.

For example, in selecting sustainable and ethical products, we craft a life that allows us to embrace our principles and express our unique style. Other ways to showcase our values include education, activism, exploring healing modalities that lead to drug, alcohol, and addiction-free lifestyles, and supporting our diverse communities.


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