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Although not commonly discussed, thrush is a very common infection. Organic cotton underwear is a proven way to prevent thrush, also known as yeast infection. It is caused by an overgrowth of yeasts which live normally in the bowel and can present in other areas of the body such as the mouth, nose and vagina. The most common cause of thrush is the Candida albicans and statistics show it affects a third of women during their lifetime.  A significant percentage of women also suffer thrush recurrently. Due to the stigma associated with it, it’s something that isn’t talked about often. This only leads to more confusion and misinformation about why it happens, how it can be treated and what are the ways to prevent it. Many think that the only way of getting rid of the bacterial overgrowth is to take over the counter thrush medications, but there are some sustainable and natural remedies, holistic solutions to improve the symptoms. Natural remedies for thrush is an eco-friendly way to start healing before seeking further treatment or pharmaceutical options. So, if you have been diagnosed with thrush make sure to read below!


  1. Avoid wearing synthetic underwear, stick to cotton as much as possible for your skin to breath and reduce sweating, man-made fibers such as polyester or Lycra create the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and multiply holding up the moist. Our organic cotton knickers is perfect for wearing if you have a flare up of thrush. Your skin will breathe naturally and thank you for it. 


  1. Avoid eating sugars, especially refined sugars as much as possible. Scientific research shows a link between Candida in your vagina and sugar cravings. Eating sugar increases the growth of yeast, including fruit that is high in sugar. 


  1. Wear loose clothing as much as possible, if you are going to the gym or exercising make sure you remove any tight fitting lycra as soon as possible and shower immediately.


  1. Use a natural unscented soap when showering and avoid douching. Also avoid any deodorants with artificial fragrance on your intimate areas. Using irritating soaps, that are not PH balanced or contain strong perfumes and scents, may actually be the reason behind your thrush flare up. 
  2. If you are experiencing thrush in your mouth or on your tongue, use some baking soda with your toothpaste when brushing your teeth and gargle with a baking soda and warm water mouthwash. Getting a tongue scraper is a great way of removing the white coating from your tongue. Salt water mouth washes also work well, try using Himalayan Pink Salt to make your salt mouthwash solution. 


Wearing organic cotton underwear is a sustainable and neutral way of preventing thrush or yeast infection. Hopefully these tips and recommendations help but we ask you to please always go to your Doctor for medical advice.

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