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It’s Valentine’s Day! Have you organized something special this? A lot of people have a love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day, with many feeling it is too commercialized or that showing love and being romantic should be something ewe strive to do on a more frequent basis than once a year. However, it is possible to have a sustainable valentines your own way without all the consumerism and tacky vibes. Here are some tips to have a beautiful and sustainable valentine’s day. Here are 5 of our top tips to make a sustainable Valentines Day that feels less commercial in 2020.


  1. Gift giving – this is one of the ‘5 Love Languages’ and if you know your partner well you will know if this is something they appreciate or not. It doesn’t have to be expensive and can even be something you hand make yourself, like a card or maybe some artwork. If you are looking to give your female lover something nice, how about some of our organic cotton lingerie, its comfy, sustainable and sexy! For him, maybe a book or a ticket to an experience you know he would love. It doesn’t have to be exactly on valentine’s Day, just put a little thought in and get creative!


  1. Food – many people feel pressured to go out on Valentine’s Day but in all reality who want to sit in a restaurant full of other couples doing their upmost to be the most romantic in the room? The prices are always way more expensive and you are often limited to set menus so less choice… why not stay home and cook your loved one their favourite home cooked meal with fresh organic and locally grown ingredients? Don’t forget to set the table nicely and add some nice soy candles to make a nice toxin free romantic atmosphere! Don’t forget an organic bottle of wine to go with the food, the effort will get you more points and maybe extra treats later on!


  1. Make lasting memories – a nice way to remember your love story is to use a journal to write love letters, poems or memories from things you did together, you can also add in tickets or photos from special events or draw pictures to remember the events by. Why not find a nice ethically made journal made from recycled paper?


  1. Recycled jewellery – if you are looking to buy an item of jewellery this year why not make sure it’s ethically made from recycled metals rather than newly mined, or even buy something vintage? Ethical precious stones are also now widely available, just do a little research and you will find lots of lovely sustainable and ethical jewellery brands to choose from. Check out The Wild Fawn with whom we collaborate for a giveaway before Christmas.


  1. Flowers – Flowers are always a nice touch but not so sustainable, why not opt for buying a plant instead? House plants are becoming more and more popular so why not get an air cleansing plant which will make your home less toxic rather than the usual bunch of cut roses which will be dead in a week? Try and buy locally grown plants if you can rather than imported ones, and maybe get a nice locally handmade plant pot for it to go in! Alternatively, you could donate some money to a charity that plants trees instead of buying flowers, plant a tree in the name of love! The earth will thank you for it as well as your date.




Don’t forget you don’t have to wait until Valentines to do any of these things, being sustainable and conscious is an every day thing! The same as showing the people you love that you care and appreciate them every day of the year. Whatever you are doing we hope you have a wonderful day.

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